On the nature of time…

In the sense of “where on Earth does it go?” How can a whole half a year have slid past already – I still feel as though I’m just settling in and getting set up for 2012. Surprise! It’s already half-gone.

Since my last post I have… walked the Pennine Way (more on that soon), worked a lot, been to the cinema a lot, told stories at Derby’s Flying Donkeys club, experienced Center Parcs for the first time, and generally let life carry on without managing to report on it here (for shame).

Normal life seems to be reasserting itself once more, so I shall endeavour to put more regular content up here for anyone who cares to read it… and as for posting photos – I took 1400+ over the three weeks of Pennine Way walking so I expect a few will find their way up here. Keep checking back!