One of my most favourite places.

After completing the Pennine Way with my Dad last year (visit his site for the full write up), it took a while for the urge to go walking to resurface. When it did, it was a fairly safe bet that I’d end up here sooner or later.

After a couple of weeks had passed since the worst of the snow had disappeared from the Midlands where I live, I dared venture further north and onto the smaller roads that would take me into the heart of the Peak District. It was still pretty cold up there – the ground was frozen which, on the plus side meant no sinking in bogs (yay!)

On the way up Icy! TreeThe rest of the pics can be found here… One of those rare, perfect walking days when even a short January day is beautiful


Weekend Away

A recent weekend trip to visit a friend was blessed by beautiful weather. I left my house early so that I could squeeze in a quick visit to Nine Ladies on the way and was treated with a stunning cloud inversion…

Cloud Inversion from Stanton MoorThe rest of the photos from that weekend can be seen here, the morning cloud inversion ones were taken at Nine Ladies, foggy ones taken at Chatsworth, moorland ones at Longshaw/Higger Tor and Carl Wark and watery ones taken at Damflask Reservoir!

Change is afoot!

I’ve been neglecting the site for a bit but… I need to do something with the photos from mine and my Dad’s Pennine Way walk last year, before we go for this year’s trip, and there are a few other adventures in the pipeline, which will no doubt result in loads of photos.


I was planning on a re-vamp of the site to make it more photo-journal friendly, but I couldn’t find a theme that I liked and did what I wanted… so the site will stay looking like it does…

But there will be lots of new photos posted soon!