Glyndwr’s Way

The whole route

A 135 mile national trail through the heart of Wales. I walked it over 10 days with my Dad in April 2011. He planted the seeds of my dream of doing a long-distance walk/back-packing type trip by reading Lord of the Rings to me as a child, and with frequent trips to Edale and up Kinder Scout – the start of the Pennine Way which I will walk one day!

Glyndwr’s Way is a beautiful walk, through rolling green Welsh scenery and well off the beaten track – it was a rarity to see anyone else at all between campsites, apart from the occassional farmer! It was the perfect getaway, and once the blisters had been trampled into submission by the third or fourth day, I could have just kept going forever – the ultimate escape from the everyday routine of work and sleep. It woke a wanderlust – not for foreign travel necessarily, but just to be moving, to walk the paths and roads of this green country that I haven’t seen nearly enough of yet and to try and capture it all onto my camera’s SD card so that when I’ve had a rubbish day and its raining and I have to get up for work tomorrow, I can open the photos and for a while go back to Wales, to empty tracks and bird song filling the blue skies.

This is just a brief account of the walk – a few photos for each day and a bit of a description, although by now memory has laid its comforting sheen over the weight of my pack and the pain of blisters on the soles of your feet with another 17 miles to go before the next stop!

Day 1 – Knighton to Felindre
Day 2 – Felindre to Abbey-cwm-hir
Day 3 – Abbey-cwm-hir to Llanidloes
Day 4 – Llanidloes to Esgair Fochnant
Day 5 – Esgair Fochnant to Machynlleth
Day 6 – Machynlleth to Llanbrynmair
Day 7 – Llanbrynmair to Llangadfan
Day 8 – Llangadfan to Llanwyddyn
Day 9 – Llanwyddyn to Meifod
Day 10 – Meifod to Welshpool

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