Day 2: Felindre – Abbey-cwm-hir

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Taking my tent down on the morning of the first full day

The Way was very, very well signposted!

Castell y Blaidd (Wolf's Castle) I think!

A pretty pointless commemoration - but we came across it as my feet were giving me serious grief and a pub was in sight so I may not have been at my most receptive


The descent! We stopped for a Mars Bar break to fortify ourselves before heading down

Camping within the ruins at Abbey-cwm-hir - definitely my favourite campsite in terms of special-ness

4 thoughts on “Day 2: Felindre – Abbey-cwm-hir

  1. Hi. I’ve enjoyed reading about your walk on Glyndwr’s Way and seeing your photos. They have helped me plan my walk on the Way next month. Here it looks like you camped on the abbey grounds. How did you arrange that?

    • Hi Jim,
      Thanks for visiting the site – I’m glad you like it!

      In Abbey-cwm-hir the actual campsite is among the abbey ruins – the grounds belong to Home Farm and they let people camp there for a donation to the Air Ambulance (I think it was that anyway!). There’s a shower and toilet in an outbuilding next to the farm house that campers can use. It was a beautiful, peaceful campsite and I would definitely recommend staying there if you’re camping.

      Good luck for your walk, I hope it goes well and you have the same stunning weather that I did :)

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