Day 4: Llanidloes – Esgair Fochnant

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The fledgling River Severn at Llanidloes

Not the most crowded walk I've ever done! Blue sky, green hills and white sheep - the palette of the walk

The remains of the Bryntail lead mine standing in the shadow of the Clywedog Dam

The view from a bench whilst we had an ice cream and a rest after climbing up the valley side to reach the reservoir

Clywedog Reservoir - beautiful in the sunshine

Following old drovers' tracks across the uplands above Dylife. There was a Roman fortlet marked on the map right next to the path up here, but I didn't see it

Foel Fadian - the highest summit in Old Montgomeryshire. We decided against detouring up to take in the view from the top - the route skirts the shoulders and by this point that was plenty high enough!

Drenched in evening sun, the valleys looked so verdant and rich compared to the windswept moorlands covered in brown heather and grey-green coarse grasses

Rest! This was the longest day in terms of distance walked - and it felt like it. The sign at the campsite seemed particularly apt as we staggered to our tents

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