Day 9: Llanwddyn – Meifod

Day 8 | Glyndwr’s Way | Day 10

A seemingly common style of church/chapel in this part of Wales - see Dolanog a bit further on.

Pont Llogel - the first of two villages we passed through on this day known by their bridges. We stopped in the village shop here for supplies, and while the lady who owned it very kindly buttered some hot-cross buns for us, she mentioned the Royal Wedding - it was on TV right there and then. It was very easy to forget every bit of normal life walking and camping and walking again.

A misty, cool sort of day which was quite welcome after some of the baking hot days we had. Who'd have thought - having planned and actually gone to Wales for 10 days, camping and walking - that it would be dry and sunny bar one day when it drizzled a bit! Just goes to show that more often than not fate is laughing at us and our plans!

One of three Millenium benches - this one depicting the salmon that come here upriver to spawn and give Dolanog its name, as well as the Ann Griffiths chapel and the old village bridge. Ann Griffiths was born and lived near here and is well known for writing hymns - a total of 70 before she died during childbirth at twenty-nine. A memorial walk in her honour follows Glyndwr's Way for a while.

The path here ran along the lip of a gorge, and the river seemed to have formed itself into natural trout beds with calm pools between shallow weirs. The path left the river just before Pontrobert - the second of the "bridge" villages for the day.

Our campsite at Meifod - the last night in a tent! Everyone that we met on the walk, whether on campsites, in pubs or shops or along the way was friendly and helpful. Contrary to the impression given by websites and things read before setting off, most people seemed to have heard of Glyndwr's Way, and knew of other people who had walked it.

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