Day 10: Meifod – Welshpool

Day 9 | Glyndwr’s Way

Had to make the most of the views today - as the last day it was definitely bittersweet. My feet and shoulders were more than ready for a rest, and it would be nice to reach the end - our goal. But the weather had been so kind, and everything about the experience of walking Glyndwr's Way so enjoyable that I didn't feel at all ready to stop and rejoin real life

We passed a tiny owl chick that had obviously dropped out of its nest. I hope its mum got to it before anything else did!

Graig Wood is a nature reserve, important for a list of plants so long that I won't put them all here! What was especially beautiful when we passed through, was it's carpet of bright bluebells - real English ones rather than the Spanish imposters.

The last summit before the last descent down into Welshpool. It was extremely windy up on top of Y Golfa, and the path ran worringly close to the edge at times! I was glad of the extra weight of my pack acting as ballast to keep me upright against the gusts.

Welshpool! The initial "Yay we've made it!" feeling quickly wore off when we realised the official end of the route was on the other side of the town. Still some way to go yet!

The official end (or start!) of Glyndwr's Way! Cue sense of achievement and then profound gratitutde towards my mum who had come to meet us with a picnic and flags (perhaps not so grateful for those!) The end of our adventure!

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