Deja vu

A lot of time seems to have slid past without my noticing it… I feel like this is a familiar thought…

Not too much has happened since I was here last… more storytelling, more work, more films and a festival thrown in there – Shropshire’s Festival at the Edge – which was brilliant and reminded me how great camping in the sunshine can be!

Not optimistic enough to expect any mercy from the wettest April – July on record, I packed only wellies, and so stomped around the baked dry grounds with sweltering feet for three days – but hey! Rather that than sink in flip flops!

Oh and lest I forget – it does seem like ages ago – it was the Summer Solsitice. My partner and I went up to Nine Ladies Stone Circle on Stanton Moor in Derbyshire for the night and were once again lucky with the weather. Click here for a few pictures. The skies might have held back on the rain but there was enough cloud about to mostly hide the sun setting and rising – but at least we could stand and soak up the atmosphere without getting literally soaked ourselves! The atmosphere was actually much better than at Stonehenge – the celebration was a much smaller affair and seemed like mostly local people rather than tourists from all over the country. Stonehenge – whilst it is brilliant that they remove the fences and let celebrants in amongst the stones for the Solstice – seemed a little stifled by all the rules – no tents, no sleeping bags, no naked flames and the huge gantries of floodlights which blazed all night so that it never truly got dark and what would, I imagine, have been an amazing display of stars on the clear night that we were blessed with, was hidden by the glare. At Nine Ladies, people camped in the woods around the stones, lit camp fires and sang and danced and generally had a much less structured, but much more natural good time. I’d definitely rather go there again than to Stonehenge.

Summer Holidays…

Seems just lately I’ve been struck with a kind of it’s-too-hot-to-do-anything sort of lethargy, which doesn’t cover going to the cinema or reading books but does include just about everything else so I’m now woefully behind on reviews, writing and pretty much everything that I should have been doing over the last couple of weeks and haven’t. Yesterday came with a slight return of motivation so I got some writing done, now today’s job is to tackle reviews.

Last week I went camping – a spur of the moment (well sort of) trip up to Malham in Yorkshire just for one night. The weather was lovely, the scenery stunning and the food in the local pub tasty :-) A perfect getaway all in all.

Click here for a few photos – for a sense of scale, look for the tiny people in the ones of Malham Cove and Gordale Scar, but it was really impossible to capture the immensity of these places!