Man on a Ledge

This film caught my eye by it’s brilliantly imaginative title – but it is at least accurate. Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks and Ed Harris and Jamie Bell star in this thriller/heist flick.

There is indeed a man on a ledge for most of this film, although it’s clear even from the trailer that something more than a suicide threat is going on. The tension is ramped up nicely in the bank heist, and some of the methods Joey (Bell) and Angie (Genesis Rodriguez) use are truly brilliant (skateboard, anyone?!). There’s just enough tension, thrills and subtle laughs to get the pitch just right, and this film is hugely enjoyable. Worthington can be a little wooden, although in this, as in The Debt, he displays convincing depths.

Man on a Ledge, similarly to Haywire, is a film that reveals its story as it goes along. This film however, strikes it right, and you are drawn in, mostly by the fact that it’s never really clear, until the film is at least two-thirds of the way through, whether Nick (Worthington) is guilty or innocent, or at first, even what he did. The twists are small but manage to be surprising, and the ending is, if cheesy, then definitely happy and satisfying.

A surprisingly enjoyable and good film, one that is well worth watching.