One of my most favourite places.

After completing the Pennine Way with my Dad last year (visit his site for the full write up), it took a while for the urge to go walking to resurface. When it did, it was a fairly safe bet that I’d end up here sooner or later.

After a couple of weeks had passed since the worst of the snow had disappeared from the Midlands where I live, I dared venture further north and onto the smaller roads that would take me into the heart of the Peak District. It was still pretty cold up there – the ground was frozen which, on the plus side meant no sinking in bogs (yay!)

On the way up Icy! TreeThe rest of the pics can be found here… One of those rare, perfect walking days when even a short January day is beautiful


In Training

So the Pennine Way is looming larger every day now, since we passed into March, and I realised that it’s high time I took some longer walks with my pack – just to get into the spirit of things.

A not-rainy Thursday off saw me head over to Bradgate Park in Leics for a 10 mile loop taking in Beacon Hill and passing the ruins of Ulverscroft Priory along the way. For once, weather, mood and scenery merged to compliment one another perfectly, and the walk was brilliant – varied and beautiful – very much through English countryside.

For anyone who’s interested – my pack on this excursion weighed about 12kgs, and I completed the 10 milesĀ  just under 4hrs. This was faster than I would have liked, but the Bradgate Park carpark at Newton Linford closed at dusk and, as I didn’t get there until 12.30 – I was worried that their interpretation of dusk would be different to mine and my car would get locked in – so I hurried rather! But I survived, and surprisingly wasn’t too dead and broken at the end, or even the next day, which filled me with hope for the actual Event.

Here are some pics from the walk – just a few – I was hurrying so only took about 80 photos instead of the more usual 100+ ;-) This is just a select few…

Derbyshire Jaunt

I decided, at about 11pm last night, that I wanted to make use of my day off and visit the Nine Ladies Stone Circle up on Stanton Moor in Derbyshire. Trent Barton run an excellent bus service (Transpeak) upto Manchester from Notts which calls at Rowsley, so I got off there and walked! Once I’d reached the circle, I decided I might as well carry on and check out Robin Hood’s Stride on the other side of Birchover. It’s always nice to revisit places you’ve been to ages ago, and I wasn’t disappointed today!

Check out the pictures here.

Summer Holidays…

Seems just lately I’ve been struck with a kind of it’s-too-hot-to-do-anything sort of lethargy, which doesn’t cover going to the cinema or reading books but does include just about everything else so I’m now woefully behind on reviews, writing and pretty much everything that I should have been doing over the last couple of weeks and haven’t. Yesterday came with a slight return of motivation so I got some writing done, now today’s job is to tackle reviews.

Last week I went camping – a spur of the moment (well sort of) trip up to Malham in Yorkshire just for one night. The weather was lovely, the scenery stunning and the food in the local pub tasty :-) A perfect getaway all in all.

Click here for a few photos – for a sense of scale, look for the tiny people in the ones of Malham Cove and Gordale Scar, but it was really impossible to capture the immensity of these places!